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    Avatar Personal Information
Display Name : Yani Dabutan Midal
Legacy Name : YANI05
Rez Day : November 22, 2015
SL Age : 2yrs & 3months

 Contact Information   
** Email : yani05_nadabut@yahoo.com **
** Blog : https://yanidabutan.blogspot.com/ **
** Facebook :  https://web.facebook.com/YaniDabutan **
** Flickr : https://www.flickr.com/photos/yani05_dabutan/ *

Second Life Job
 Print Model Model & Blogger
The Avenue Press Manager
The Avenue Golden Days Manager
Agencies : Audace & SMA **


Print Model ** Runway Model ** Blogger

Audace School of Modeling Graduate May 2016

Fashion is a deep passion of mine and I want to share what i like in SL to everyone... I'm a one of the shopaholic resident, I do like photography and of course decorating...
I love to mix and match my outfit to fit in with my personality and it depend on my mood sometimes. I like exploring and hunting new place's and event's in Second Life and I'm welling to learn everything. This is what i love to do! 
 For now I'm enjoying blogging all the item's I like's, also I'm  thankful for the opportunity to blog for those designer's & event's organizer who trusted and allowing me to be part of there team. 
I really appreciate any opportunity!
Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and have a nice day!



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